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Our custom multi-channel outreach and appointment setting campaigns, coupled with our pipeline acceleration strategies will boost your revenue. 

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TeleNet is an expert in developing effective B2B prospecting outreach and appointment setting strategies that drive revenue. Leverage our custom lead generation and human-touch lead nurturing services to fuel your pipeline with voice-to-voice qualified leads and appointments, which identify infrastructure and need. Our dedicated lead development representatives will become a true extension of your team, expanding your reach and increasing efficiencies in every stage of the customer journey. Utilize our best practices for a tight marketing and sales alignment, enabling faster pipeline advancement and a higher return on your B2B marketing investment.

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What we do - demand generation, lead generation, lead nurturing



Using our B2B multimedia outreach strategies, TeleNet will tell you who's evaluating and why, and we'll schedule appointments for your sales team, enabling acceleration of each opportunity.

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Our human-touch lead nurturing methodology will engage your prospects based on their priorities and needs, developing relationships that will grow into new customers.

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TeleNet can help to pinpoint your B2B market sweet spots, as well as acquire, build and verify prospect data to effectively feed your marketing engine, resulting in more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) from your next campaign.

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210,600 decision-maker interviews


Decision-maker interviews

7.3 average touches to convert to sales-readiness


Touches to convert to sales-readiness

46,800+ qualified sales-ready leads


Qualified sales-ready leads

$1.06 Billion in pipeline revenue

$1.06 Billion

Pipeline value

Don't Lie

Successful B2B strategic outreach is rooted in consistency, persistence, dedication and approach. Our skilled lead development representatives make 120-145 outbound touches each day. Their consistent dedication to prospecting outreach has resulted in over two hundred thousand interviews with decision-makers over the last twelve months. Persistence drives up our volume of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) by increasing our touches and converting more prospects into qualified, sales-ready leads. Our multimedia investigative approach to prospecting, including seeking referrals and proactively uncovering additional decision-makers, combined with our human-touch lead nurturing strategies, further boosts our positive results. Within a timeframe of only 12 months, our team has secured a pipeline of over $1 billion in revenue for our B2B marketing clients.

TeleNet's Three Pillars of Success


Tap into over 20 years of targeted B2B teleprospecting and human-touch lead nurturing experience, supporting B2B marketers with many of the world's largest high-tech companies. TeleNet has conducted countless lead generation campaigns and lead nurturing initiatives into Enterprise and SMB markets within nearly every vertical. Leverage our custom lead generation and appointment setting services to fuel your pipeline with voice-to-voice, marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Benefit from our three-tiered organizational structure, allowing TeleNet to effectively execute both your tactical and strategic B2B lead generation and strategic outreach initiatives.

Collaborative Approach

Our B2B lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns work because of our collaborative approach. When we combine our expertise with yours, we get far better results. See how much better your strategic outreach and lead nurturing campaigns can be when you work with a company that listens before it leaps.

Return on Investment

At TeleNet, we believe that measuring return on investment is an essential part of every B2B marketing campaign. That's why we find it critical to discuss ROI expectations with our clients and implement the necessary processes to ensure sales and marketing alignment. Additionally, we'll integrate our multimedia prospecting services with your existing marketing content, assets and events in order to help reap even more value out of your B2B marketing investments.

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