Fourth Quarter Sales Behavior Impacts Marketing's Focus

Fourth Quarter Sales Behavior Impacts Marketing’s Focus

One thing you can always count on is that sales representatives like to make money. During the final months of the year, they’re aggressively focused on winning new contracts to maximize their compensation plans.

Having your sales reps focused on closing business is exactly what you want, especially during the last few months of the year. However, when the sales organization is placing all its attention on the bottom of the sales funnel, other important activities such as nurturing and prospecting can be neglected.

Given this typical fourth-quarter situation and sales behavior, what should marketers focus on? Our advice…

• Revitalize Stalled Leads. Chances are, some of your MQLs have fallen through the cracks over the year. By implementing a fourth-quarter lead requalification campaign, you will uncover several immediate needs that will impact your Q4 sales numbers. Get those to your sales team ASAP!

• Start Building Your 2022 Pipeline. When the dust settles, and the sales team has closed all they can to meet or exceed their quotas for the year, they will be in desperate need of top-of-funnel leads. Get ahead of this by spending significant time in the fourth quarter teleprospecting to build first-quarter pipeline.

• Nurture Long-Term Opportunities. Be careful not to send your sales team long-term opportunities when they are in “close business” mode. Instead, gear up your human-touch nurturing activities, so you can keep longer-term buyers warm until they are ready for sales attention in early 2022

Implementing these activities during the fourth quarter will help marketers identify immediate needs while building the top of the sales funnel to ensure a productive start to the upcoming year. Contact us to today to plan for a strong Q4 and beyond!

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