TeleNet’s 2024 Countdown: 10 things to do in the new year

TeleNet’s 2024 Countdown: 10 things to do in the new year

10. Ramp up human interactions within your sales development strategy

2023 Gartner research shows B2B buyers feel 2.3 times more satisfied with their purchase when a human is involved vs a digital rep-free experience. Ramp up efforts to facilitate meaningful conversations by prioritizing person-to-person engagement. This enhances the overall customer experience and builds stronger connections with prospects.

9. Utilize customer-centric messaging for improved engagement

Ensure your communication is focused on addressing the unique needs and pain points of your target audience. This approach enhances engagement and fosters a more positive response from your prospects and customers.

8. Segment customers for upsell campaigns

Employ customer segmentation to tailor upsell campaigns based on specific needs, preferences, and purchasing behavior. A targeted approach enhances the effectiveness of upselling efforts, resulting in increased revenue opportunities.

7. Put lead revitalization on your calendar quarterly

Regularly revisiting and re-engaging with leads, which have not yet converted to opportunities, on a quarterly schedule ensures that no potential opportunity is overlooked and keeps the sales pipeline active.

6. Ensure your response management is strategic 

Adopt an integrated approach to actively connect with and respond to your market through their preferred channels, including form fills, inbound phone, chat, social media, and events. Be agile and consistently available, accommodating various communication preferences, offering live, US-based, and instant responses for a human and engaging interaction experience.

5. Leverage data & intelligence to modify proactively & make forward-thinking recommendations

Modify your tele strategies based on market trends, customer behavior, and other relevant insights. Leverage data to drive forward-thinking recommendations, this allows your team to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changing business landscapes.

4. Engage with your nurture audience with a relationship-building focus

Emphasize personalized communication and targeted interactions to strengthen connections with potential clients over time, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

3. Preschedule tradeshow meetings to boost event ROI

Plan proactively to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for prospects participating in industry events. This approach ensures that valuable face-to-face interactions are strategically planned and executed.

2. Connect with customers throughout the customer journey (from onboarding to advocacy)

Build strong relationships with clients throughout the customer journey with a human-to-human strategy that includes personalized interactions at every stage, from onboarding to advocacy, fostering long-term partnerships.

1. Work with TeleNet 

TeleNet offers both Sales Development Representatives (SDR) and Lead Development Representatives (LDR) options, providing a comprehensive solution for B2B needs. We can help grow your revenue in 2024 by getting your sellers in front of the right prospects while enhancing your customer experience with thoughtful touchpoints throughout their journey.