Will Outsourcing Work for Me? How Tele Can Help Engage Your Market

Will Outsourcing Work for Me? How Tele Can Help Engage Your Market

There are several benefits to outsourcing teleprospecting that you are likely familiar with:

  1. An all-inclusive, predictable cost that allows you to confidently plan without concern that unforeseen costs, upgrades, or add-ons will derail your budget.
  2. You’re able to offload all aspects of staffing and maintain consistent productivity.
  3. Outsourcing provides flexibility to ramp up or downsize as your needs dictate.
  4. There are great benefits to leveraging a team with expertise in teleprospecting.
  5. Outsourcing does not need to be an “all or nothing” strategy. A tele partner can work alongside your internal team to supplement their work, add efficiencies, and most importantly, increase your revenue

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Complex Solutions and Niche Markets

But perhaps you are faced with obstacles that seem to outweigh the potential benefits of outsourcing: a complex or niche solution, an involuted or very specific market. You may have even tried outsourcing in the past, with little to show for it. A strong teleservice team can handle those complexities by engaging in high-level conversations to establish relationships and understand the business priorities of the target market. When technical or extensive questions come up, our teleservices specialists recognize them as “buying questions” and progress towards the pertinent next step, often one that involves an internal product specialist.

Technology and Line of Business Decision Makers

Consider the titles we have uncovered a qualified lead with in the past six months as a testament to the wide range of contact levels, roles, and markets our teleservices experts can successfully engage. In addition to connecting with IT decision-makers, just over 50% of our sales-ready leads are with line of business (LOB) titles within finance, operations, logistics, human resources, etc. Our team knows engaging with LOB contacts takes a unique approach, which centers on credibility building and problem or “pain” solving.

Sales qualified leads over past 6 months by department category

Target Titles include Executive through Specialty

Diving into the data a little deeper, close to one-third of our sales-ready leads were with executive-level contacts (28.13%), and just over a third were with director and management level (33.88%). The remaining thirty-eight percent of leads were generated with specialist titles. These titles include architects and engineers, cardiologists and radiologists, prepress supervisors, network administrators, physicists, bank administrators, cybersecurity chiefs… an enormous range!

Sales qualified leads over past 6 months by title category

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