4 Steps to Make Your Data King and Boost Results

4 Steps to Make Your Data King and Boost Results

There are several variables that go into running successful strategic outreach campaigns. Selecting quality data provides the foundation you need to build the rest of your campaign. Make your data king and boost your results.

Here are our tips for ensuring your data is king.

  1. Clean and enhance your data before you start outreach. Create a marketing data repository to turn data into actionable intelligence to fuel and improve outbound teleprospecting. Records can be enhanced and augmented using known data (i.e., data from your last campaigns, engagement, or buyer history). At a minimum, check the data against known unusable contact data and scrub any matches, preventing unnecessary cleansing by your outreach team.
  2. Narrow your titles. Sweet spot matters! Consider the buyer personas involved in the decision-making process and narrow them down. Focus on those who regularly deal with challenges your solution solves or understand the technical advantages of leveraging the solution. 
  3. But don’t narrow too much. Target a range of levels, prioritizing the most valuable. If managers and directors are involved in the decision-making process, don’t eliminate them in favor of the CXO making the final decision. After a couple of weeks, review the campaign metrics, looking at connection, conversation, and lead rates. Make any relevant targeting adjustments based on the impact on your results.
  4. Test! Not sure about the quality of a particular source? Test a small batch. Use sources that are proven effective, and quickly evaluate and eliminate those that are not.

Now that you’ve selected your data, strengthen results by:

  • Improving data delivery of your warmest targets  
    • Shorten the timeline from inquiry to outreach with webhooks. These allow for real-time data delivery to your outreach team.
    • Rank data sources and communicate prioritization (for example, “contact us” responders receive prioritization over third-party syndication). Your team will focus more of their time where they will see the best return.
  • Dissecting campaign metrics to recognize which market segments yield growth opportunities & refine your sweet spot based on this information.
  • Employing strategic retouch and nurturing. Strategically using data from past conversations improves connection rates and facilitates more robust and meaningful conversations. These result in higher lead conversion rates.

TeleNet’s program management team supports our client’s outreach initiatives by providing detailed reporting that dives into ways to improve data, including recommendations around top-performing sources, titles, market segments, and more. Our data team assists through conducting data normalization, contact and phone number augmentation, prioritization and applying pertinent suppressions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your upcoming initiatives, starting with a strong data foundation.