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Founded to fill an industry need.

TeleNet is an expert in developing effective teleprospecting lead generation and lead nurturing strategies. Our company was created around a single focus: providing businesses with valuable information they can trust. Keeping this promise is how we’ve helped countless companies build their sales pipeline and increase revenue from their B2B marketing investment.

TeleNet's co-founders started the company in 1999 because they recognized a real need for a quality-focused B2B marketing and teleprospecting firm to help build and nurture sales pipelines for companies with a complex sales cycle.

Since then, they've recruited a team of industry veterans and constructed a state-of-the-art contact center in Athens, Georgia.

"We started TeleNet because we spotted a real need to give thoughtful, honest counsel to companies, which have a complex sales cycle, and are looking to build and nurture their sales pipeline. We had seen too many companies that felt their marketing provider either overpromised results or delivered information that wasn't as accurate or helpful as they'd hoped."

– Gregg Garrett, Co-founder, TeleNet Marketing

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