How to drive immediate pipeline while gaining powerful market insight 

How to drive immediate pipeline while gaining powerful market insight 

What if you lived in a world where you did not have to choose one or the other? Instead, a single marketing initiative could develop short-term opportunities for your sales pipeline and create nurture-ready leads while uncovering in-depth market intelligence and valuable insights to shape your future marketing strategy. That scenario is possible with a strategic teleprospecting initiative. Here’s how:

1) Short-term leads: through a two-way dialogue with your prospects, you can uncover near-term leads that require Sales’ immediate attention. During these conversations, you will also learn about:

  • Other business priorities or challenges
  • Competitors in the environment and contracts
  • Additional members of the buying team and budget cycles

2) A nurture-ready funnel: leverage the intelligence garnered in the initial teleprospecting discussion to reconnect with the prospects who were not sales-ready. When your lead development team reengage, personalize the conversation with:

  • Time-sensitive promotions that fit their buying cycle
  • New product information that lines up with their goals or addresses their shortcomings
  • Probe to determine if priorities have changed and discuss additional upcoming projects

3) Powerful insights: now that you have an ongoing flow of immediate leads and nurture opportunities, take the collected teleprospecting information to finetune your overall strategy. Here are some examples:

  • Create a demand heatmap to understand what products perform best in which markets or territories. 
  • Compare and contrast your production results by content syndication sources, buyer titles, industries, and organization sizes to understand where you are having the best success. 
  • Look at competitor information for a glimpse into your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses

With this intelligence, you will understand how to calibrate your unique selling propositions or refocus your target lists for continued pipeline growth. 

By leveraging the power of teleprospecting, you benefit from an immediate and long-term boost to your sales funnel plus market intelligence that allows you to make impactful decisions five times faster than you would otherwise. Contact our Account Executive team today to learn how we can help impact your sales pipeline.