Augmenting your Internal Tele Team Drives Scalability and Consistency

How Augmenting An Internal Team Leads to Greater Teleprospecting Success

Augmenting an internal team drives increased teleprospecting results by strengthening and filling in gaps. Does it surprise you to learn that the majority of our clients leverage TeleNet’s service alongside their internal team? Here are a few examples of how partnering with a 3rd party helps achieve your marketing revenue goals…

Scalability for new initiatives

When you have multiple initiatives launching simultaneously, you need a mechanism to increase your marketing efforts in an efficient fashion.  A 3rd party tele-services group can provide the staff, management, and expertise so you can increase your lead goal capacity without sacrificing quality.

Consistent focus to avoid back-burning

Many companies have an internal team with the teleprospecting function as one of many responsibilities. Even without new high priority initiatives, it’s easy for internal teams to back-burner teleprospecting. There are conferences and roadshows to promote, outside sales reps to support, accounts to research, channel partners to develop, etc. Suddenly, your teleprospecting initiatives are pushed to the backburner. Augmenting your internal team with a tele-partner you can trust, who is diligently working on your teleprospecting efforts, ensures qualified leads are being added to your sales funnel on a consistent basis.

Essential building blocks aren’t skipped

Just like teleprospecting can be pushed to the backburner by an internal team, other essential activities can be skipped all together. Here are just a few of the activities that a tele-partner can ensure remain a vital component of your marketing strategy:

  • Contact Verification and Discovery – Marketers need quality data to develop effective marketing campaigns that consistently contribute to their company’s revenue stream. A tele-partner can thoroughly assess, cleanse, and update your vital marketing data.
  • Market Testing –Marketers are frequently tasked with promoting a new product/solution or entering a new industry or market segment. Before leaping into a strategy, it’s always a good idea to test the approach and messaging.  A tele-partner can help you test the waters and iron out the kinks before a large-scale rollout.
  • Trend Analysis and Reporting– Marketers benefit tremendously from reviewing trend and market analysis from their tele-activities. In fact, it can shape their upcoming initiatives. Leveraging an outsourced partner with a rigid data process and fully customized systems gives you tremendously valuable trend analysis and reporting.

These are just a few of the reasons why a conversation about augmenting your internal team as you plan for next year, may be well worth your time and investment.

As you examine your upcoming 2022 goals and objectives, think about the roles that an outsource provider can play to assist your internal team. Aligning your teleprospecting strategy to your goals will help to ensure the best impact. Contact us for a strategy session today! Additionally, check out these 2021 blogs for other marketing best practices:

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