How to Build a Great Outsourced Sales Development Team

How to Build a Great Outsourced Sales Development Team

Outsourcing sales development is an effective strategy for businesses that want to expand their sales reach, reduce overhead and improve efficiencies. Building a great outsourced team requires careful planning and execution. This blog will discuss steps to create an outsourced sales development team, achieve your business goals, and drive growth.

Define your sales strategy

Before outsourcing your sales development team, you need a clear understanding of your sales strategy. This includes identifying your target market, developing a sales process, and defining the ideal customer profile. Your sales strategy should also include key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success. Once you have a clear sales strategy, you can look for an outsourcing partner to help you achieve your goals.

Choose the right outsourcing partner

Choosing the right outsourcing partner is crucial to the success of your outsourced sales development team. Look for a partner with experience in your industry and who understands your target market. A partner with a proven track record of success can provide valuable insights and best practices to help you achieve your sales goals. Check their references to ensure they have a solid reputation.

Train your outsourced sales development team

To ensure the success of your team, you need to provide comprehensive training. Include training on your products or services, sales process, and target market. You should also train your new sales development representatives (SDRs) on objection handling, competitor differentiators, and opportunity advancement. Ensure the team understands your unique value proposition and how to communicate it effectively to potential customers. When selecting an outsource provider, ask questions to understand how their management team will support you with initial and ongoing training. Prospecting and sales skills training should be the responsibility of your chosen partner.

Set clear expectations

It is important to set clear expectations for your outsourced sales development team but be prepared to adjust those goals based on real-world results. Before launching, define KPI ranges to establish a system for tracking progress and measuring results. Success measurements will be more precisely defined throughout the first three months of the engagement. Take steps to provide regular feedback to your outsourced sales development team to ensure they stay on track and continue to improve. Communicate openly with your outsourced sales team as the KPIs are established, ensuring accountability. A strong partner will be transparent about results, proactive with recommendations, and provide comprehensive reporting. 

Develop a communication system

Clear communication is essential for the success of your outsourced sales development team. Establish regular meetings with their management to ensure everyone is on the same page. Provide the resources your SDR team will need to do their job, such as sales collateral and up-to-date product information. Ask them to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Monitor and evaluate the performance

Regularly monitor and evaluate the performance of your outsourced sales development team against your KPIs. Use this data to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments to your strategy and training as needed. Celebrate successes and provide recognition for a job well done. Remember, your outsourced SDR team is an extension of your business, and their success is yours.

Building an outsourced sales development team requires careful planning and execution. Following these steps, you can create a team to help you achieve your business goals and drive growth. Remember to choose the right outsourcing partner, selecting one that will work alongside you to provide comprehensive training, set clear expectations, develop a communication system, and monitor and evaluate performance. With the right strategy and approach, outsourcing sales development will drive growth and achieve your business goals. Contact us to create a custom pilot sketch today.