Expert Recommendation: Target Midmarket to Capitalize on an Increase in Technology Projects

Expert Recommendation: Target Midmarket to Capitalize on an Increase in Technology Projects

Throughout 2021 TeleNet showcased the impressive growth in teleprospecting results among our high-tech clientele compared to pre-pandemic metrics. Results within the mid-market segment have been impressively strong, accounting for approximately 60-70% of our targeted audience. Thus, if your target market includes the midmarket, an increased focus on this audience now will likely kick off your new year with a robust pipeline.  

Uptick in Marketing Qualified Leads

 In Q2 of 2021, we reported 22.4% gains over pre-pandemic metrics in the number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) generated each day. In the mid-market segment, we saw higher numbers in the second half of the year, beating out already impressive metrics for the first half of the year. In Q3 2021, that number nearly doubled with a stunning 43.3% increase in leads per day compared to 2019 metrics. Our average leads-per-day for the year was .85, with midmarket hitting .88 leads-per-day by the fourth quarter. These leads were fully BANT qualified (learn more about what we consider with BANT qualification here: BANT Lead Criteria Adapted to Today’s Environment).

Increasing Accessibility via Phone

One factor that impacts the quantity of MQLs is the connection rate with qualified decision-makers, and that number was steady throughout 2021 at an increase of about 4% compared to 2019 (pre-pandemic). In the midmarket target audience, the number of interviews per day was just shy of three conversations with qualified decision-makers each day, per agent. Of those conversations, our team successfully converted close to one-third into fully qualified leads for our clients, yielding an impressive conversion rate.

In our mid-2021 report (read it here), we highlighted the minutes per day during which our lead development representatives were engaged in conversations with decision-makers and speaking with influencers to gain additional insight. Thru the second half of the year, we continued to see strengthening figures, with a Q4 2021 high of 28.25% of the day resulting in active talk-time. This increase speaks to the improved availability of business leaders, particularly in the midmarket space. Another metric highlighting this increasing accessibility via phone is the number of dials required to uncover a fully qualified lead. During the second half of 2021, TeleNet generated one qualified lead for every 101.44 dials, considerably lower than the 164.32 dials per lead required in 2020.

Higher Teleprospecting Return

TeleNet’s teleprospectors engage in quality, pain-probing conversations to uncover business needs. As we kick off 2022, the percentage of conversations resulting in qualified leads continues to increase. A positive sign indicating the number of budgeted projects, including those that may have been on hold in 2020, continues to grow. 

Considering the significant market growth TeleNet is experiencing via our teleprospecting services, particularly in the midmarket space, we encourage you to connect with one of our account executives to sketch a pilot campaign

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