Improve Customer Experience and Loyalty with a Human Touch

Improve Customer Experience and Loyalty with a Human Touch

Recently a popular podcaster posted a complaint on Twitter about lost baggage and the lack of responsiveness from a representative of the airliner. The company’s response? A human would indeed follow up after several days if the bots failed to resolve the problem. Whether supporting businesses or consumers, this robotic approach to the customer experience is a prime example of what not to do. 

Here are several ways companies can leverage the human-touch benefits of the telephone to improve the customer experience and build greater loyalty…

  1. Onboarding Follow-Up: Start your new customer relationships on the right foot with a post-onboarding phone call. Inquire about their onboarding experience, answer initial questions, and proactively share best practices and tips that help your customers more effectively utilize your solution. 
  2. Customer Education Campaigns: With the increase in subscription and as-a-service options, data is more readily available regarding which features and functionality your customers are using or more importantly, not using. Apply this intelligence to segment your customers and create outbound telephone campaigns to discuss under-utilized aspects of your solution which will improve your customer’s experience and longevity. This proactive approach lets you gain visibility into training needs, as well as upselling or cross-selling opportunities.
  3. Human-Managed Chat Services: Do not rely on bot services when something goes wrong, or your customers have questions. Instead, manage your online chat with human representatives ready to engage online or via phone to better understand their concerns and problems for immediate resolution or appropriate escalation. 
  4. Customer Feedback Surveys: Regular check-ins with your customer base will give you the insight needed to improve, increase retention, and identify new sales opportunities. Include a telephone call as part of your outreach to capture your customer’s tone and gain valuable feedback thru a one-on-one dialogue, extending beyond a digital form capture. 

These are just a few ways our clients utilize teleservices to create a better customer experience. We encourage marketers and customer managers to proactively look for ways to add human touchpoints to the customer experience. Having a conversation makes customers feel valued. There are plenty of perks for you, too, because an open dialogue allows sharing of information leading to new opportunities and expanding customer longevity.

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