International Services

Expand with a trusted partner.

With TeleNet's international services you will have a bridge to Latin American markets- and avoid having to farm out your teleservices to foreign companies that may not speak your language and truly understand your business needs.

Working with TeleNet allows you to:

Define your project in English and then not only have it translated- but localized to meet the protocols of the target country.

Have agents from your target country calling in the native language- so that the effort is seamless.

Do business in your currency and avoid hassles.

Increase transparency because reporting is crafted to provide exactly what you need.

Modify and tweak programs on the fly- you get a flexible, agile and responsive team that you can trust.

Rest assured that your company is being properly represented- avoiding the challenges encountered when using agencies that don't truly have the experience needed for success.

Mitigate the risks of going through foreign marketing firms that don't have a solid foundation that you are comfortable with.

Leverage TeleNet's integrated approach using the latest technology, local language calibrations, transparent reporting and hands-on management.

TeleNet has a team of marketing professionals and lead development representatives fluent in Spanish and Portuguese to support your Latin American initiatives. Contact us online or call 877.282.2345.