Lead Generation

A holistic approach to lead generation.

Much of TeleNet's business involves uncovering and qualifying buyers of our clients' products and services. We'll give you details on who is evaluating and why, and will provide quality information to positively impact your company's revenue.

With TeleNet as your lead generation partner, you will confidently provide your sales organization with quality leads and appointments they truly want, while giving your marketing drivers valuable analytics and intelligence to shape your next initiative and gain greater return on investment.

Our lead generation success is rooted in our holistic approach...

Results-Driven Experience

Leverage years of B2B tele experience, creating positive return on investment.

Market Intelligence

Identify valuable trends and commonalities to shape future marketing initiatives for a greater ROI.

Actionable Analysis

Track source and asset performance; focusing on the best performers will boost results and decrease cost per lead.

Collaborative Alignment

Accelerate pipeline thru alignment with your sales team, creating a warm lead-to-sales handoff and a feedback loop.

Proven Processes

Utilize our proven 10-step process to confidently develop and launch campaigns that will obtain quality sales-ready leads.

Investigative Approach

Obtain more leads. Our lead development representatives' investigative approach is responsible for 30% more leads, on average.

TeleNet offers a number of specialized lead generation services, including:

Response Management Appointment Setting Lead Generating Events International Services Jumpstart Campaigns

Our lead generation campaigns work because of our collaborative approach. When we combine our expertise with yours, we get far better results. See how much better your campaigns can be when you work with a company that listens before it leaps.

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