How to Capitalize on the Summer Months to Drive Second Half Pipeline

How to Capitalize on the Summer Months to Drive Second Half Pipeline

With almost half of the year behind us, this is a great time to reflect on your progress and plan for the second half of the year. There are three key ways to start driving more qualified leads to your pipeline now:

Create a proactive outbound MQL program

Avoid inbound and event marketing ebbs by starting a proactive outbound campaign that drives consistency in your marketing outreach and lead funnel. Ramping up a NEW campaign during the summer months has specific benefits. Your lead development team will benefit from lengthier conversations, growing their messaging confidence rapidly. At the same time, they can leverage out of office alerts to work target lists more efficiently: gaining credibility, facilitating understanding of multiple roles, and reducing dead ends.

Revitalize Abandoned or Stalled Leads

Chances are some of your leads from 1H have fallen out of the pipeline or just didn’t receive the follow-up needed. Capitalize on the summer months by implementing a tele requalification campaign to uncover immediate needs that will impact your pipeline quickly.

Offload to a trusted external partner

Employ a new team who is eager to help create success. If you’re not an expert in creating and managing tele campaigns (which should be part of your MQL strategy), why not delegate to someone who is an expert? Let your tele-partner supervise and coach your lead development team, manage your contact strategy and touch cadence, create a human-touch nurturing strategy, and generate quality leads and appointments to build your pipeline. Offload the daily management of your outreach initiative, freeing up your time for even more strategic activities.

Capitalize on the Summer Months

Are you worried about summer vacations interfering with your ability to generate leads with your target market? Don’t be! NOW is the time to launch your proactive MQL program, this is why…

In most cases, the summer months (and December) may see a slightly lower volume of conversations, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to fewer leads. Summers’ slower pace is offset by the benefits of reaching out to prospects when there is less on their plates. 

  • Connect with prospects that are difficult to reach during busier times of the year. 
  • Enjoy a higher lead rate: people often have more time to discuss their goals and challenges, resulting in a higher percentage of conversations where a need is uncovered.
  • Easily identify other points of contact at your target accounts – out-of-office email responses typically include alternate contacts, allowing your team to have a clear picture of additional members of the buying group.

You set yourself up to end 2022 in a strong position by acting now. Focus on launching a proactive lead generation campaign with a teleservices expert (like TeleNet!) to build a robust pipeline for your sales team to pursue in the final months of the year.

If you would like to discuss a teleprospecting pilot, contact us today to schedule a discovery session with one of our account executives. Another resource is this guide with tips on selecting a great partner – How to Find, Evaluate and Select a B2B Tele Partner