Response Management

Capitalize on the interest you've earned.

For inbound marketing activities to yield a positive return on investment, it's critical to have a solid process in place to prioritize, qualify and take action upon your responders. TeleNet's contact center is equipped with technology to manage your incoming inquiries.

Intelligent call/email routing and skills-based routing

Interactive website chat

Webhook technology for immediate inquiry response

Social media inquiry management

Inquiry prioritization

We'll also analyze the performance of each source, providing powerful statistics indicating which sources and assets produce the best (and lowest) return. Our skilled lead development representatives will qualify and segment your inquiries, and provide "sales-ready" leads to your sales channel.

Protect the interest that you've worked hard to earn. Contact us online or call 877.282.2345 to learn how TeleNet can help you qualify your incoming responders and turn them into revenue.