Lessons from an Expert to Drive Better Tele Results

Lessons from an Expert to Drive Better Tele Results

Teleprospecting results are on the rise, particularly for mid-market organizations. You can realize the biggest teleprospecting gains by recognizing growth opportunities and then shaping your approach to get more qualified leads into your sales pipeline. Here are expert strategies you can implement to ensure your tele results and pipeline grow along with the market.

Recognize current growth opportunities

Even a perfect outbound marketing campaign will not garner positive results if the market isn’t buying. Undoubtedly, market factors will impact results. Therefore, by dissecting key performance indicators (KPIs) at the industry and market levels, you can quickly recognize which segments yield the highest growth opportunity. Increasing focus within the strongest performing industries will improve overall results. 

Improve your data

In the world of outbound teleprospecting, data is king. Outdated, inaccurate, and poorly targeted data will quickly kill teleprospecting results. Thus, improving data will have a quick, marked improvement in qualified lead output.

To improve data, consider:

Employing strategic retouch and nurturing

Every call shouldn’t be cold. Strategically using data from past conversations improves connection rates and facilitates more robust, meaningful conversations. These, in turn, result in higher lead conversion rates.

Capitalizing on what is already known

Creating and utilizing a marketing data repository will help turn data into actionable intelligence to fuel and improve outbound teleprospecting. Rather than starting from scratch on each new list or marketing responder, enhance and augment records with your known data (i.e., data from your last campaigns). Teleprospectors spend more time engaging in decision-maker conversations when incorrect contacts or inaccurate phone numbers are eliminated before picking up the phone. 

Augmenting only with proven data sources

There are hundreds of vendors selling lists with big promises, but only a handful are worth the investment. Sometimes improvement strategies can be relatively simple – use sources that are proven to be effective and quickly evaluate and eliminate those that are not.

Strengthen message and call flow

While solution-based messaging strategies are commonplace in high-tech marketing, opening a first-time conversation with a very specific message can result in a high quantity of quick “no thank you” replies—particularly if you don’t know enough details about your target prospects and what makes them tick. Alternatively, try broadening the opening statement to stimulate a more natural conversation flow. Bring relevant solution messaging into the discussions once the prospects’ situations are revealed through effective probing questions. This approach creates more meaningful dialogue, enabling cross-selling and increasing the number of qualified leads.

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This article has been updated from its original post published on 1/5/2017 by Chief Marketer