TeleNet Expands SDR-as-a-Service Offering in 1H23

TeleNet Expands SDR-as-a-Service Offering in 1H23

TeleNet Marketing Solutions, an expert in developing effective B2B prospecting and appointment-setting strategies, has expanded its sales development services during the first half of 2023 by 22%.

TeleNet offers a unique blend of sales development, holistic management, and productivity-focused software to enable growth-minded sales organizations to meet and exceed their revenue goals. Through targeted sales research, contact development, and multi-channel outbound prospecting, TeleNet’s SDR-as-a-Service solutions allow companies to: 

  • Scale and ramp up prospecting efforts and penetrate whitespace accounts.
  • Accelerate pipeline by generating more sales-qualified leads (SQLs) and meetings with decision-makers.
  • Expand, revamp, or supplement sales development efforts without recruiting, hiring, training, retaining, and developing talent themselves.

The company’s vice president of sales, Kathy Rizzo, attributes the growth of their SDR-as-a-Service offering to the pipeline and revenue results of their holistic approach, including campaign management, account-level and contact-level data development, and a team of highly talented sales development representatives. Additionally, TeleNet’s services allow their clients to ramp up prospecting efforts quickly to boost pipeline without typical headcount costs. Rizzo explains, “Outsourcing a people-centric service reduces the cost and headaches associated with recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining staff, as well as allows a proactive approach to address attrition while achieving pipeline and revenue goals.”

TeleNet’s software fuels its people-centric business. “Our SDRs utilize a customized push system, which helps to drive our positive results. We’ve made side-by-side comparisons of our software vs. mainstream CRMs and see upwards of 40% improvement in sales prospecting activities with our system,” explains Chris Engel, chief information officer for TeleNet. “Furthermore, it forces accurate data capture, providing an abundance of analytics, metrics, comparing and contrasting sources, markets, and so much more,” adds Engel.  For more information on leveraging TeleNet’s SDR-as-a-Service to revamp, expand or supplement your sales development team and increase your revenue, schedule a discovery call with a TeleNet account manager.