Client Contributions: What’s Critical for Success

Client Contributions: What’s Critical for Success

Human-to-human outreach is vital for businesses that expand their customer base, drive sales, and nurture valuable relationships. As companies optimize their lead or sales development efforts through outsourcing, they must plan to bring elements to the table to ensure success. Here, we explore the crucial ingredients that clients should plan to contribute.

Precise Targeting: Accounts & Contacts 

Lead generation success hinges on precise targeting. Targeting the right data (aka “the list”) is the number one variable in creating a successful engagement. While SDRs will spend a portion of each day researching and navigating to get to the right person, it’s the client’s responsibility to provide accounts that are on target. TeleNet can augment contacts or leverage starting-point contacts from our client. Additionally, the most successful SDR initiatives target a mix of cold high-propensity accounts/contacts and MQLs (contacts who have engaged with your assets, attended events, etc.).

Other-Centric Messaging Input

While it’s TeleNet’s responsibility to create the call guide, touch cadence, 1:1 email, and social templates, we rely on our clients to provide meaningful input for the messaging. Other-centric messaging refers to the ability to tie your solution to your target audience’s unique needs, pain points, and preferences. SDRs need to quickly articulate an understanding of (or experience with) a specific vertical or persona to capture attention and interest in continuing a conversation. When clients equip TeleNet with in-depth knowledge about their offerings, unique value propositions, competitive advantages, and customer pain points, SDR teams can engage prospects intelligently, address objections confidently, and articulate compelling reasons for prospects to engage with the client’s solutions.

Commitment to Collaboration and Training

Collaboration between our clients and TeleNet is pivotal for success. Clients should foster a collaborative environment by facilitating regular communication, providing constructive feedback, and conducting training sessions to align our team with your brand voice, culture, and sales methodologies. Ongoing training ensures that SDRs stay abreast of product updates, market trends, and evolving customer needs, empowering them to adapt their approach and maximize results.

Flexibility and Agility in Approach

Human touch communication strategies demand flexibility and agility to navigate diverse prospecting scenarios and market dynamics. Clients should be comfortable with a flexible experimentation, iteration, and adaptation approach based on real-time feedback and performance insights. Embracing agility empowers our team to tailor strategies, refine messaging, and seize emerging opportunities. This in turn drives continuous improvement and optimizes campaign outcomes.

Clear Expectations and Alignment with Sellers 

The sales reps for whom TeleNet schedules appointments must clearly understand the appointment-setting process and be on the same page regarding the lead (appointment) criteria. Prospective buyers can be lost when a sales rep changes the date/time of a set appointment (particularly more than once), does not attend an appointment, sends a separate invite, etc. Clients also should seek to avoid issues that arise when sales’ expectations of lead criteria differ from executive leadership. Ensuring a clear definition and documentation with sales buy-in is critical before launch. 

Long-Term Strategic Vision

While the initial focus of an engagement may be on short-term objectives, clients should maintain a long-term strategic vision for sustainable success. Human touch prospecting is not merely about generating immediate leads or appointments but about nurturing long-lasting relationships, driving revenue growth, and fostering brand loyalty over time. Clients should align lead development initiatives with broader sales and marketing objectives, envisioning a future where our partnership contributes significantly to business growth and expansion.

In essence, the success of an outsourced lead or sales development initiative relies on the collaborative efforts of TeleNet and our client. By providing precise targeting, product knowledge, data access, collaboration, flexibility, sales alignment, and a strategic vision, you will lay the groundwork for a fruitful partnership that yields tangible results and accelerates business growth. Contact our Account Executive team today to discuss our 10-step launch process.