Summer Success - Teleprospecting Strategies that Drive Results

Summer Success – Teleprospecting Strategies that Drive Results

Most industries have cyclical planning and purchasing cycles, allowing sales, marketing, and customer success teams to plan outreach in a way that will have the most impact based on the timing of the conversation. If you are looking to drive ROI during the summer, read on for proven teleprospecting strategies.

Federal, State, and Local Government

An example of an easily identifiable cycle is found when targeting Federal, State, and Local government organizations. We have an excellent blog detailing key strategies to leverage during different times of the calendar year. Learn how to maximize your results and the prospect and customer experience when targeting this market:

Time of Year Teleprospecting Strategies for Federal and State & Local Government

If SLED or FED is part of your target audience, leverage the upcoming late spring and early summer months to ramp up outreach as purchases planned in previous quarters increase. Requalify leads and reconnect with nurtured prospects to ensure nothing falls through the cracks during this busy season.

Other Industries

Many companies in other industries follow a fiscal or calendar year planning cycle. A critical component to improving implementation around time-of-year strategies is building an accurate database containing fiscal year information. Add it as a priority (or even mandatory) data field on all your marketing campaigns. 

During the summer months, be prepared for many decision-makers to be on vacation or have reduced schedules. However, driving qualified sales-ready leads during the summer is easily achieved by leveraging the right strategies and tactics. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Use data to your advantage:

Data is a powerful tool for tele-prospecting. Use data to identify prospects more likely to be interested in your products or services and those more likely to be available to take your call. During the summer, your SDRs can capture data around vacation timeframes and plan return calls and outreach accordingly. You can also use data to personalize your pitch and make it more relevant to each prospect, for example sharing seasonal promotions aligned with buying cycles. Use data to your advantage to increase your chances of success and reduce the number of unanswered calls. If you are leveraging SDR-as-a-service as part of your outreach strategy, your partner should work closely to provide your team with meaningful data that drives engagement throughout the year. These data-driven recommendations will ensure strategic campaign targeting and increased success.

Focus on building relationships:

Prospecting is not just about making a sale. It’s also about building relationships with potential customers. Often, you will find slower months like summer and the end of the year allow you to connect with people who otherwise lack the flexibility in their calendars to engage in a meaningful conversation. Teleprospecting strategies include focusing on outreach into titles with lower connection rates that are critical to the decision-making process. Take the time to get to know each prospect and their needs; use that information to tailor your pitch to their specific situation. By building relationships, you increase your chances of making a sale in the future.

Follow up consistently:

Consistency is key for strategic outreach into your customer and prospect bases. In addition to the trust and credibility built, regular outreach also increases the chances of conversion. It keeps your product or service top-of-mind for your prospects, which increases the chances they will convert to a sale when the timing is right.

Make sure your prospect marketing and customer outreach plans allow for strategic adjustments during the summer months to take advantage of the unique opportunities during this season. Take advantage of over two decades of experience by contacting our account executive team today to receive specific recommendations tailored to your market, team, and goals.