Refresh your Marketing Approach with Strategic Outreach Initiatives

Expert Recommendation: Refresh your Marketing Approach with Strategic Outreach Initiatives

Has your marketing outreach started to feel stale? If you experience diminishing returns or need to give your target audience a breather, these strategic outreach initiatives will breathe new life into your approach (and pipeline!)

Here are some of the unique campaigns we execute for our clients:

Customer Win Back

  • Target accounts that haven’t made a purchase in more than 24 months
  • Focus on the benefits of your most recent innovations, coupled with special offers and strong competitive positioning

Vertical Alignment

  • Approach your top industries with precise use cases
  • Effectively align messaging to the unique business situations of the prospect’s industry

Lead or Marketing Data Revitalization

  • Focus on renewing & revitalizing past marketing leads and inactive marketing/sales data
  • Use tele to update your contact data, identify low-hanging fruit, and lay the groundwork for nurturing

Whitespace Target

  • Capitalize on unrealized opportunities by targeting net-new accounts using offers & competitive differentiators
  • Gear up human-touch nurturing to realize the full potential of your whitespace

ABM Data Optimization

  • Overlay teleprospecting lists with your ABM data to tee-up accounts, which are most likely to purchase
  • Prioritize teleprospecting targets, optimizing your contact strategies, to help reach your marketing goals

Installed Base Upsell

  • Utilize tele to target customers who will benefit from complementary products and service offerings, as well as position relevant upgrades and enhancements
  • Expand your portfolio within customer accounts

Market Insights

  • Verify or disqualify market assumptions
  • Discover competitor information to better position your solutions
  • Gain valuable, in-depth knowledge of target clientele

Each strategic outreach initiative allows you to identify needs, develop MQLs, and set appointments leveraging highly targeted lists, persona-specific messaging, and adaptable approaches. Contact our team today to discuss a customized outreach strategy for your target markets.

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