Don't Cut Corners When Filling Your Sales Funnel

Don’t Cut Corners When Filling Your Sales Funnel

If one of your top priorities in 2018 is increasing the volume of qualified leads in your sales funnel, chances are that adding bandwidth via a teleservices provider is on your radar. A lead generation pilot can be a significant investment. In order to get the biggest bang for your buck, it’s important not to cut corners in a few key areas…

1. Dedicated Representation: Tempted to cut your spend with part time or non-dedicated resources? Think twice. These are the people that will be on the frontlines, representing your company. Strong, relevant conversations and quality leads that result in opportunities and wins are a result of a tele team that masters outreach, understands your products/services and becomes a true extension of your company. A dedicated team is also able to build relationships with your Sales organization, understanding what information is critical to lead quality and producing leads that stick.

2. Collaborative Approach: You have a lot on your plate, but as tempting as it may be to check out once the pilot is up and rolling, remember this is a critical period. Your vendor should encourage regular status update meetings and request your feedback. Call calibrations give you an opportunity to hear the messaging, the market’s response, and provide an open forum for team discussions. Finally, make sure that you select a vendor who is committed to help make adjustments if something unexpected happens.

3. Forward Thinking: When you are focused on the success of a lead generation pilot, it’s easy to forget that the impact can extend past the initial engagement. Select a vendor that is focused on your long term success, by analyzing trends and sharing feedback that will help you refine your marketing strategy. Having an experienced partner that can provide you with recommendations will also allow you to better navigate any rough waters you run into, either upstream (ie: quality of inbound leads) or downstream (ie: sales buy-in). Thinking long term allows you to exponentially increase your return on investment.

Interested in brainstorming about a lead generation pilot for your company? Contact TeleNet. We leverage 18 years of B2B teleservices expertise and will work with you to sketch out a pilot based on your 2018 goals.