Outsourcing: Three Reasons to Take a Closer Look

Outsourcing: Three Reasons to Take a Closer Look

When budgets become tighter and the business climate is uncertain, outsourcing may not be at the top of your list.  However, here’s why it should be.

Outsourcing is an all-inclusive, predictable cost. 

Thus, allowing you to confidently plan without concern that unforeseen costs, upgrades, or add-ons will derail your budget. For instance at TeleNet, our cost model incorporates everything necessary to achieve success including, but not limited to…


The front-line teleprospectors, plus an army of support staff including supervisors, program managers, quality assurance specialists, data specialists, IT/Systems managers and trainers.


Production-based call center software customized for your needs, with an embedded quality assurance process, digital recording software, inbound call routing, and CRM integration.

Reporting & Analysis

Campaign performance and management, source analysis, segment/region performance, and in-depth QBRs with trends analysis

You’re able to offload all aspects of staffing and maintain consistent productivity.

Our team is responsible for recruiting and hiring qualified candidates, as well as seamlessly managing attrition without lulls in output. We will provide trained backup coverage for absences (PTO, sick, etc), allowing consistent and continual productivity and coverage to meet your goals.

Outsourcing provides flexibility to ramp up or downsize as your needs dictate.

For many industries, there are peak buying seasons (even in a downward economy), and your ability to capitalize on them will have a direct impact on your revenue. Adding internal headcount, particularly on a short-term basis, can be difficult to get approved, and quite costly when considering the recruiting, hiring and on-boarding costs. However, with a team of backup personnel already trained at an outsource partner, you’re able to react quickly to market demand by increasing your team within as little as one week. Similarly, should budgets or needs change from quarter to quarter, you have the flexibility to scale back without penalties or layoffs.

An outsource partner can be a stand-alone solution or combined with an internal team to supplement work, add efficiencies and increase your revenue. Take a look at our previous article: Outsourcing: Not an All or Nothing Strategy or contact us today to discuss your needs in more detail.

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