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Understand Digital Intent Using Human-Touch

A digital marketing strategy provides a plethora of meaningful data such as which prospects are consuming online content and searching for specific solutions, as well as how buyer personas align to specific assets. Over time, a potential buyer’s digital journey can be documented and analyzed. This data is powerful; however, it also has limitations. While certainly some inferences can be made through a buyer’s digital footprint, the true intention of their actions can only be determined through human-to-human engagement. That’s where tele comes into play. By integrating teleprospecting with your digital strategy, you’ll understand what’s driving actions, their urgency level, next steps, and much more. 

Determine the WHY behind the click.

By having one-on-one conversations with prospects you’ll be able to gain an understanding of what prompted their interest. Through effective probing questions, you’ll identify which digital prospects have a need you can help solve, who’s searching on someone else’s behalf (capture a referral), and who’s truly not a good fit. 

Gain insight into the tone and urgency. 

Utilizing active listening, a teleprospector will be able to gain important knowledge regarding your prospect’s urgency (or lack thereof), as well as their tone. Are they eager, skeptical, or stressed out? Each piece of information gathered through teleprospecting conversations will help to move prospects further into the sales funnel, accelerating your pipeline. Also important, intelligence gleaned via a live conversation may be used to effectively disqualify contacts, which will help to refine future marketing and sales efforts. 

Set appropriate next steps.

 Once a prospect’s needs and intentions are understood, as well as their urgency and tone, appropriate next steps can be set, which align to the prospect’s unique situation. While the goal is to provide sales with fully qualified leads and/or appointments, teleprospecting will also identify which prospects aren’t ready yet, and require nurturing.

Hear real-time market feedback.

An added benefit of integrating teleprospecting within your digital strategy is the identification of additional market trends and competitive insights. Plus, through audio recordings, you’re able to be a “fly on the wall” and listen to what your market is saying. This powerful insight and real-time market feedback will help shape your marketing plans, now and in the future.

A digital marketing strategy will show you where your prospects have traveled; however, tele will tell you why. Understanding the story behind a digital footprint will lead to higher quality leads, as well as provide valuable intelligence to improve your marketing strategy moving forward.

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