Unlock Powerful Insights and Recapture Your Lost Customers

Unlock Powerful Insights and Recapture Your Lost Customers

Tele outreach is typically associated with prospecting or qualification, however, it is also a powerful medium to connect with lost customers and recapture their business. Engaging with past customers in a one-to-one dialogue will provide powerful insights into their decisions, as well as uncover situations in which competitive solutions are under-delivering, leading to win-back opportunities. Coupling campaign messaging with special offers and strong competitive positioning will help accelerate your win-back pipeline.

If there’s any question as to whether this type of marketing initiative can be incredibly effective for sales pipeline, take a look at this real-world example:

Working with one of our OEM clients, TeleNet created an outbound tele campaign focused on customers who had not renewed service contracts on their equipment. Our client-trained LDRs (lead development representatives) spoke with over 2,600 past customers, converting 24% into qualified appointments for our client’s sales team. A staggering 81% of those appointments were accepted as pipeline opportunities, resulting in over $6.5 Million in open proposals and over $1.1 Million in won business so far.

In addition to winning back customers, this type of tele initiative also provides:

Areas for Improvement

Whether you’ve lost contract renewals, after-market revenue opportunities, or repeat business, you will receive constructive feedback and powerful insights for areas to improve by simply asking customers why they left and what you could have done better. This information may be analyzed by verticals, size of organization, title, or any number of ways. 

Valuable Competitive Insight

Not only will you find out where your customers went and why, but you’ll also discover which competitors are under-performing now, and how (i.e. performance, functionality, communication, response time, downtime). A glimpse into your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses will give you powerful data to fine-tune your unique selling propositions.

By utilizing tele to engage in one-on-one conversations with your past customers, you will unlock insights to enhance your competitive positioning, while strengthening your pipeline and winning back customers.

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In addition to recapturing lost customers, tele can be leveraged in areas such as proactive outreach and digital responder and event follow up.