Outsourcing is Not an “All or Nothing” Strategy TeleNet Marketing Solutions

Outsourcing is Not an “All or Nothing” Strategy

Chances are your company has an internal team responsible for identifying and qualifying buyers for your outside sales and/or channel organization. Most of our clients are in the same situation; however, they’ve found added benefit in also engaging TeleNet’s services. Outsourcing does not need to be an “all or nothing” strategy. TeleNet can easily work alongside your internal team to supplement their work, add efficiencies and most importantly, increase your revenue.

Here are just a few of the ways your company can leverage an external tele-vendor…

Divide & Conquer

  • Offload proactive outbound teleprospecting to your external partner, while your internal team works warmer marketing inquiries and data sources.
  • Split-up scored leads, focusing your internal team on “A” and “B” leads, while lower scored responses are sent to your outsource partner. This strategy ensures all of your leads receive timely follow-up!

Increase Efficiencies

  • Set up your tele-partner to schedule phone appointments for your BDRs/ADRs, increasing their volume of qualified conversations, which in turn will improve your pipeline conversions and revenue.

Add Bandwidth & Services

  • Leverage a trusted tele-partner to add bandwidth for peak buying seasons and product launches.
  • Tap into external services, which fall outside your internal team’s charter. Think about outsourcing services such as event recruitment or contact discovery.


  • Gain a different perspective on your activities and key performance indicators.
  • Tele-partners can benchmark your internal team, and provide analysis for potential refinements and improvements.

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