TeleServices Can Complement Your Digital Strategy and Bolster Pipeline

TeleServices Can Complement Your Digital Strategy and Bolster Pipeline

As Covid-19 continues to impact our day to day, even months after its debut in January 2020, marketing leaders are leveraging digital technology now more than ever to maintain brand awareness, relevance and continuity. While there’s no arguing digital is a critical component of a successful marketing strategy, marketers need to be careful not to swing the pendulum too far to the digital side and risk eliminating human-to-human contact. The most successful marketing strategies utilize a balanced mix of digital and human interactions to move buyers into the funnel. Here are some ways in which the human touch of teleservices can complement your digital strategy and bolster your pipeline.

Enhance Your Knowledge and Shorten Sales Cycle

While there are many compelling reasons to employ automation into your marketing strategy, it is important not to rely on it exclusively. For example, a common automation strategy is to require a prospect to click on several emails or online forms before they obtain a high enough score to necessitate sales engagement. Depending on your scoring methodology, it can require quite a bit of time for a prospect to reach your desired digital score. Rather than sending several more waves of emails and electronic content and waiting for the prospect’s action, why not take a more proactive approach and pass prospects to a tele-qualifier to get the full picture?  Complement your digital strategy with human engagement which allows your marketing team to gain a valuable and accurate insight into the identity, motivation and situation of the prospect.  It also allows you to identify “tire kickers,” and more importantly, deliver those that are qualified to sales immediately, shortening your sales cycle.

Create a More Robust Nurturing Strategy

Speaking of “tire kickers,” many of the individuals that click on content are more often than not still in the information gathering stage of buying. While they may have an interest in your product or solution, they may not have the budget or the authority level to make a purchase. Without having a conversation with your prospects, it’s difficult to know the situation and intention behind their digital journey. Additionally, it’s nearly impossible to build a relationship without 1:1 engagement. Therefore, using teleservices in addition to your automation strategy is a fantastic way to begin a relationship and nurture prospects into your sales pipeline.    

Mitigate Pipeline Leakage

As your digital leads begin to progress through the sales process, pipeline leakage is always a possibility. Depending on your segment and solution, a sale can take months or several quarters to close. During that time, many sales opportunities can slip through the cracks. It is important when this happens to use teleservices to reclaim some of these opportunities. A well-timed phone conversation with a prospect that has gone dark can make all the difference in potentially earning their business or closing the file.

With the elimination of most in-person events and face-to-face sales interactions, the role of teleprospecting is even more important than prior to the pandemic.  The synergistic effect of combining digital strategies with tried and true human touch will result in enhanced knowledge, more sales-ready leads and fewer missed opportunities.   

Read more about how you can leverage teleservices to understand digital intent or contact an Account Executive to create a campaign to strengthen your digital strategy today!