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Specialized Teleprospecting Campaigns Aligned to Your Goals

What do you think of when you hear the word “teleprospecting” in the business marketing world? Perhaps you think about cold-calling, power dialing, talking to prospects, or qualifying leads. While all valid responses, how about taking it to the next level and thinking about… winning back customers, revitalizing your inactive marketing data, targeting your whitespace, aligning to your vertical strategy or optimizing your account based marketing data? Yup, all of these goals can also be achieved with effective teleprospecting.

Here are a few specialized teleprospecting campaigns that TeleNet has worked on with our clients this year, and how they can work for you…

  • Customer Win-Back – target accounts that haven’t made a purchase in more than 24 months. Arm your tele team with the benefits of your most recent innovations, coupled with special offers and strong competitive positioning.
  • Vertical Alignment – approach your top industries with precise use cases. Tele is highly effective when your messaging aligns to the unique business situations of the prospect’s industry.
  • Lead/Data Revitalization – focus on renewing and revitalizing your past marketing leads and inactive marketing or sales data. Use tele to update your contact data, identify low-hanging fruit and lay the ground work for an ongoing nurturing.
  • Whitespace Target –capitalize on your market’s unrealized opportunities by targeting net-new accounts with special offers and competitive differentiators. Gear up for an educational call-email-call approach and be prepared to execute human-touch nurturing to realize the full potential of your whitespace.
  • ABM Data Optimization – overlay your teleprospecting contact list(s) with your ABM data to tee-up the accounts which are most likely to purchase your products and services. Using ABM tools to prioritize your outbound teleprospecting targets will optimize your contact strategy and yield improved lead rates.

As you examine your upcoming 2018 goals and objectives, think about the role that teleprospecting can play. Aligning your teleprospecting strategy to your goals will help to ensure the best impact.