How to Conduct Meaningful One-on-One Sessions with Your Teleprospecting Team

How to Conduct Meaningful One-on-One Sessions with Your Teleprospecting Team

One-on-one sessions are a significant way to coach and develop teleprospecting agents (or lead development representatives). One of the biggest things to remember is everyone on your team is different, so your one-on-one sessions create a platform to determine each person’s individual learning style. Most importantly, it provides insight into how they are motivated.

One of the keys to successfully managing a teleprospecting team is consistency. Not only do you want to make sure that you’re able to give everyone on your team equal time, you also need to schedule follow-up meetings to track and assess improvements. Taking the time for individual meetings, and being consistent with follow-up, are two of the building blocks to creating a cheerful and motivated team.

Our formula for successful one-on-one sessions includes:

1. Prepare ahead of time, developing clear discussion points. Your session will be much more effective when you’ve taken the time to write down specifics items to discuss with the agent.

2. Always start off the conversation with positive feedback to facilitate good rapport and create positive energy.

3. Make it a two-way conversation. Actively listen to the agent’s viewpoint and concerns. You want to understand what is being shared and it shows your team that they have your support.

4. Come up with short term goals to improve any shortcomings (whether quality or quantity). Sketch out an action plan to obtain the goals.

5. Schedule your next session for follow up and to review progress of their improvements.