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Collaborative Alignment between the Teleprospecting Team and Sales Organization (Part 1)

Aligning TeleNet’s teleprospecting team closely with our client’s sales organization helps to positively drive lead-to-pipeline conversion and ultimately ensure the highest return on investment for our clients marketing dollars.

Our best practices include:

Sales Management Input & Buy-In
1.) Gain input from the sales management team on the criteria for qualified leads prior to campaign launch to ensure all leads match their expectations. Your lead definition does not need to be “one size fits all” – different markets and/or solutions may require different criteria.

2.) Revisit your lead definition(s) during quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with sales management. Be prepared to make adjustments based on their feedback.

Formal Introduction to Sales

1.) Conduct an in-person or virtual introduction between the teleprospecting team (vendor) and the sales representatives in order to open up the lines of communication and set expectations with Sales as to what details they should expect to receive on each qualified lead.

2.) Provide helpful “tips” that sales representatives can utilize when engaging with the leads. For instance, by referencing the teleprospecting agent’s name and referring to him/her as their “colleague,” the sales follow-up will be connected to the initial conversation making it a warm, seamless transition.

3.) Supply the sales team with a central point of contact to call/email should they have questions regarding a lead. Include this POC in each and every lead provided.

Regular Feedback Loop

1.) Create a feedback mechanism in which the teleprospecting team (vendor) will receive feedback from the sales organization each week in terms of which leads converted and advanced through pipeline and which stalled. This type of feedback is critical to ensuring long-term success and high pipeline conversion.

2.) Be prepared to implement “tweaks” to the lead definition and/or the captured data points, as appropriate, based on feedback.

Check back next week for an in-depth discussion on implementing a tightly aligned appointment setting initiative including calendar sharing, one-on-one communication and closed loop lead revitalization.