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Using Teleprospecting to Gain Market Share in Mexico

Over the past year TeleNet has witnessed an interesting trend in Mexico- businesses of all sizes are buying technology- and lots of it. One out of every four conversations we have with target accounts in Mexico has a need for technology solutions in the next 12 months (on average).

It was recently announced that Oil and Gas would be privatized in Mexico- and there is a brand new airport in its planning stages just outside Mexico City. Banking is modernizing. And everyone is thinking about mobility, security and the cloud.

Between 60-70% of the leads generated in Mexico are in and around the City of Mexico, and it’s bustling with activity. The new young President Enrique Peña Nieto has been trailblazing in terms of initiatives boosting the economy and prosperity. Among his goals, we find he’s focused on building investor confidence, privatization, opening markets, lowering bureaucracy and corruption. Business is ready for this.

Teleservices can assist many aspects of your marketing plan as it relates to targeting Mexico:

• Drive awareness for your products and services
• Generate highly qualified leads for your local teams
• Gather market intelligence
• Nurture your top prospects
• Help develop your channel presence
• Provide support for your events and webinars
• Qualify responders from any media

Please consult TeleNet to discover the full array of services that we can provide in Spanish. These are supported by a team of well educated and seasoned marketing professionals from Mexico at TeleNet.