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How to Integrate Story Telling into Your Teleprospecting Strategy

There are several important things to keep in mind during an initial teleprospecting conversation. Getting an understanding of the contact’s environment, their business needs, challenges, and what drives them to evaluate the product or solution in question, as well as having an understanding as to what that evaluation process looks like. The most important details are those that the sales team will use when following up on qualified lead opportunities. The best way to accomplish these goals is to ensure that your prospect is engaged in the conversation.

Tim Goodwin discusses the best time to “value prop” or position the value of your product or solution in his blog “DIVE Deeper Into Your Teleprospecting Conversations”. But HOW do you deliver that information in the most meaningful and impactful way? Rattling off numbers and statistics may help to garner credibility, but chances are your prospects will be more interested in real world examples of how your product or service resolved a challenge that they are facing. A  recent article written by Michael Harris stated “a fact wrapped in a story is 22x more memorable” .

Here are some tips for ensuring your teleprospecting team is armed with information that will make the most impact:

Sales Participation in Training Sessions: Our clients know their solutions, relevant messaging, and value propositions for their target market better than anyone. Sales, in particular, will know which “stories” have the most influence and may be able to share customer stories.
Consistent Status Updates: Sharing feedback around recent “wins” and sharing new case studies will keep the information fresh. Additionally, the more ammunition you have, the more likely you are to be able to tell a story that “speaks” to your prospects diverse challenges.
Leveraging Marketing Analysis: Drilling down will have the maximum effect while evaluating the key challenges faced by distinct segments of prospects and tailor the information you are sharing to augment the impact.