Integrating Email with Teleservices - Knowing When to Schedule

Integrating Email with Teleservices – Knowing When to Schedule

More and more telemarketing campaigns are utilizing a personalized one-to-one email component as part of the overall campaign strategy. Over the past several years TeleNet has built a proven-process for maximizing the effect of email on telemarketing results and we have found that one of the most important factors is scheduling. Effective scheduling is particularly important with lead generation and audience acquisition campaigns.

Here are some key steps as well as some scheduling timelines to keep in mind:

  1. Introductory Email – The introductory email typically involves educating the prospect about your solution/offer and why it is relevant to them (lead generation) or providing general details and value around an in-person or web-event (audience acquisition).
    Timeframe: Typically the best time to send the introductory email is around 24-48 hours prior to starting telemarketing.
  2. Follow-up Voicemail – While this step is often skipped, it is important to leave a voicemail referencing the email that was sent and reiterate why you are calling them (if you are not able to connect with them on the first calling attempt). Typically our actual response rate to email is higher than voicemail, but this step helps to provide a