Positive Outcomes of Integrating Email with Teleservices

Positive Outcomes of Integrating Email with Teleservices

Tyler Anderson recently focused his blog on the ways in which timely email can be incorporated into a telemarketing campaign. Combined with telemarketing, email is a fantastic way to quickly get into the game when there is a project emerging within a targeted account.

I manage many of the large, high volume campaigns at TeleNet- so over the years I have been able to witness many different outcomes to email touches following a phone call. TeleNet has been so successful at peaking interest within an account that our agents, at times, receive emails from decision makers after they hang up the phone with them.

It comes up occasionally that contacts on the phone have asked our agents to provide their email address in order to forward along details around an RFP (Request for Proposal), to make us privy quickly to the project at the account. We have also received specs for new projects via email after an agent has emailed the contact post-initial- phone- call; bids and assessment requests also have been some of the opportunities we have generated for our clients- and we forward those along to them.

Invitations to bid on a project are naturally very important to our clients. Providing them with details on a project outlined in an RFP are also great catalysts for closing sales- these are often the outcome of call-email- call strategies used in our campaigns.

When time is of the essence in this competitive economy- providing critical project information as far upstream as possible can be the difference between being a real competitor in the race for a project,or just being another contender.

Having agents on staff that can blend written and oral communication seamlessly within the scope of a marketing program can lead to getting started on a defined project quicker.

It amazing to me how target accounts that we reach out to are so excited about the value we deliver them that they send US the