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Utilizing Telemarketing Initiatives to Educate the Marketplace

Oftentimes, telemarketing initiatives are aimed at prospects or customers who have some general knowledge about the products or services for which they are targeted. However, telemarketing campaigns can also be designed to educate customers on new offerings and create demand in the marketplace. When introducing a new product or service, it is important to inform prospective customers about the variety of options available. Typically, companies will do this using a traditional marketing mix comprised of direct mail, emails, promotions, etc. Adding telemarketing to that mix might be just the right solution to ensure that your organization is achieving full penetration within your target audience.

When new products/services enter the marketplace, prospects will generally conduct their own research to gather the facts before they decide to buy. However, if the product/service being offered is unique, prospects may not be researching that particular offer. A telemarketing initiative can be very successful in getting the potential customer to think about something they would not have otherwise been researching. The initial call can be used to educate them on the product/service offer and encourage them to review specific materials about the product/service. Not only are you educating them with a one-on-one conversation, but you’re also bringing the research to them, saving them time in the long-run and speeding up the sales process. A willing-to-help attitude can instill a certain amount of confidence in the prospect, thus encouraging them to do business with your company.

Let look at an example. In the IT industry, new technologies are being introduced faster than most of us can get a grasp on those we are currently using. By their own nature – and that of their industry – IT professionals tend to be early adopters of new technology. Companies looking to introduce new technologies are faced with the challenge of rapidly educating those IT professionals – their prospects – on the features, benefits, and added value of their products. In such cases, it is easy to see how telemarketing can have an advantage over the traditional mediums. What better way to educate customers than an open dialog with a knowledgeable representative? In addition, it the only one with the potential to convert prospects into sales-ready leads during the initial contact!