Telemarketing can yield high dollar business opportunities

Telemarketing can yield high dollar business opportunities

There is a misconception in the business world that third party marketing vendors are good for low-value but high volume lead generation. To a degree that true; some companies may choose to follow-up internally on targets identified as being Tier1, and then they hand off Tier 2 and Tier 3 to their marketing vendors. This is a good strategy because it keeps direct sales focused on the prime accounts while vendors drive in supplemental revenues.

That said, there are telemarketing agencies, such as TeleNet, that have the ability and expertise to also penetrate large accounts and uncover high-dollar new opportunities for our clients. We have found success in conducting highly targeted competitive attack programs, with strong messaging, relevant offers and strategic migration drivers. Our team frequently uncovers large accounts looking for new partnerships, contracts and alliances. While messaging and strategic offers are critical to our success, it also important to invest in volume. To a certain degree, telemarketing is always a numbers game – the more companies targeted, the greater the chance of uncovering multiple high-dollar opportunities.

I just love it when I get an email or a call from our Operations team signaling detection a large, multi-million dollar opportunity for my client. Most recently our team uncovered a contract opportunity of more than 15 billion for one of our largest IT clients.

In my opinion, average telemarketing efforts and modest investments yield good results. Great telemarketing efforts anchored in solid product training and strategic offers, coupled with volume, deliver large lead opportunities.

If you are looking to grow your business – think about your marketing strategies across the board and ask the following questions:

  • Do direct mail brochures allow for a conversation unveiling a contract renewal?
  • Do mass emails generate the interest needed to get in on a bid?
  • Do my current marketing investments regularly pay for themselves? Can that be measured?

If you answered no to any of those questions it may be time to think about having more conversations with your market, and expand your telemarketing reach.