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Why Sales Participation During Campaign Development Matters

Although sales feedback regarding marketing qualified leads is frequently recognized as a vital element of a lead generation campaign, it’s only one piece of a successfully integrated marketing and sales strategy. More times than not, sales involvement during the campaign development phase is overlooked. There are pivotal advantages to gaining input from the sales organization prior to launching a new teleprospecting campaign. These include:

  • Align Lead Output to the Needs of the Sales Team
    • Collaborate on defining lead criteria and selecting appropriate lead stages, including what type of leads are passed to sales vs. nurtured by teleprospecting
    • Establish appointment setting practices and next steps
    • Define salient data points that best set the stage for an impactful sales follow-up
  • Promote Efficiency and Increase Teleprospecting Conversion Rate
    • Determine target audience prioritization based on historical success rates
    • Discuss top objections and ways to overcome them
    • Present the top competitors encountered and competitive differentiators
  • Improve Messaging through Customization
    • Discuss examples of messaging that resonates most positively with the target market(s)
    • Supply details on how to leverage and customize value propositions based on target titles or industries
    • Thoroughly discuss what has worked/not worked for the sales team.

Sales involvement should start with campaign development, as it sets the stage for a faster ramp up, stronger results, and increases sales buy-in as leads are generated. All of which, help to increase return on investment.

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