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Starting Strong Out of the Gate – How to Optimize Campaigns from the Start

There’s certainly no shame in coming from behind to win a big race. In the business world, however, we can all pretty much agree it’s better just to start strong out of the gate. Much of a teleprospecting campaign’s success can be determined before the first dial is ever made. Here are some steps we have determined are beneficial in optimizing every minute of the program from its start:

  1. Know Your Purpose
    • What is your goal?
    • Are you solely trying to uncover needs for your solution and generate leads for your sales team, or is there an additional message you are trying to get across to your prospects?
    • Is there specific market feedback to which you would like a better view?
  2. Know Your Audience
    • Who do you want to target?
    • Who do you want to keep out of the mix?
    • What are the characteristics of your ideal customer profile?  Are there titles, industries, segments, etc that can be prioritized?
  3. Know Your Product
    • Go beyond the minimal solution definition in training!
    • Dive deeper:
      • What are the needs of the market?
      • What are common objections your sales team faces?
      • Are there questions that prospects often have pertaining to the solution?
      • Are there environmental situations that should trigger the lead generation specialist to ask additional questions or position an additional solution?
  4. Know Your Qualifiers
    • Nail down the parameters of what qualifies and disqualifies prospects from the solution in question.
    • BANT is just the starting point for lead generation in this day and age, and may or may not be the right fit for your sales organization. How does the length of your sales cycle impact the timeframe criteria for your leads?  Is budget a necessary criteria if a pain exists?  Are there other environmental elements that would influence the product being a good fit or not?
    • Learn what your sales organization deems as a qualified lead, and understand what details they need to know to help them convert a lead to an advanced pipeline opportunity.

Not only will this increase your lead generation campaign’s likelihood of success, it also ensures that the leads being sent from the very beginning are the kind of leads that sales will get excited about. TeleNet has developed a thorough Due Diligence process for all of our campaigns for this reason, and it continues to prove effective.

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