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TeleNet Marketing Celebrates 15 Years

In October 1999, Gregg Garrett, Jay Burgdorf and Kathy Rizzo started TeleNet Marketing Solutions as the company’s only employees, equipped with a short list of leads, a 1,200-square-foot call center, a holistic approach to lead generation and five core values: honesty, initiative, persistence, partnership and passion.

TeleNet celebrates its 15th anniversary with nearly 400 employees spread out across three call centers in Athens and neighboring Oconee County, Ga. The firm now works with more than 25 clients, including three technology giants that can be found in the Fortune 100.

While the client and employee lists have changed and grown year over year, the founding values and approach to lead generation remain.

“TeleNet’s holistic approach to lead generation, with an emphasis on creating a tight collaborative alignment between marketing and sales organizations, has been the key to our success,” said Garrett, TeleNet’s CEO. “By aligning our teleprospecting team closely with our client’s sales organization, we are able to help drive lead-to-pipeline conversion and ultimately ensure the highest return on investment for our client’s marketing dollars.”

TeleNet’s clients come from several subsets of the technology industry. As such, employees are versed in enterprise servers and storage, networking, virtualization, cloud computing, business intelligence, managed services, IT security, enterprise software, business risk mitigation, document management, and many other technology solutions.

Over the last 15 years, TeleNet has gained priceless results-driven experience focused on IT decision makers, said Rizzo, TeleNet’s vice president of sales and marketing. By partnering with TeleNet, clients receive highly qualified leads and sales appointments, plus much more.

“We still focus on delivering the leads that sales teams really want, while providing marketing with a wealth of valuable data and marketing analysis to shape future initiatives,” Rizzo said. “Much of our success is rooted in our world-class processes.”

“Each new client campaign is led by our 10-step development and implementation process to ensure a smooth launch and seamless ramp-up. Our best practices and consultative approach focus on optimizing results throughout the entire end-to-end lead lifecycle.”

About TeleNet Marketing Solutions
TeleNet is the lead generation and lead nurturing company that was built around a single idea: giving clients valuable information they can trust. Keeping this promise is how TeleNet has helped national and international brands grow their business through targeted lead generation. TeleNet works with companies that specialize in hardware, software, logistics, IT services, telecommunications and financial services.

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