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Calling Tip – Confidence Builds Credibility When Teleprospecting

It easy to develop rapport with someone when you are face to face. Making eye contact or a friendly handshake are things that can help build that connection. In order to develop into an effective lead generation agent, you must address the emotional queues from the customer or prospect as well as follow proper procedure. Some contacts may desire that you to get to the point while others may need a little more information before opening up and answering your questions.

A few techniques to build rapport:

Be Natural! Have a conversation like you would with a colleague. Some organizations provide agents with a rigid script to follow with structured questions and statements. This can limit an agent from developing a relationship with a prospect naturally. Instead, develop an opening that works for you, select good probing questions that relate to how the conversation is going with the prospect/customer you have on the phone at that time. Every question may not be appropriate depending on who you are talking to. For best results, marketers should work to develop call guides instead of rigid scripts.

Watch Your Tone! Agents should try and match the rate at which the receiver speaks and their tonality. One of the reasons agents fail so many times is because they speak too quickly, and never have a normal conversation, at the same pace as the other person. If you match the tonality and speed of the prospect you are more likely to come across as friendly, understanding and ultimately you stand a better chance at communicating with your customers. Tone, breathing patterns, pace, volume and inflection all have an impact on your prospects and how receptive they are to you.

Be Passionate! I always tell agents,”be passionate about what you are calling about!” Don’t ask for forgiveness when you call a contact by saying,ÒI’m sorry to bother you, but do you have a few minutes?” You have something of value to offer them. Now, while it may not always be the best time to talk when you call, you shouldn’t feel bad for picking up the phone and offering them information or a solution that could ultimately improve their business.

Sit Up Straight! Don’t forget to sit up straight and show some enthusiasm. Changing your posture can have a huge impact on how customers perceive you. Being slumped over limits your diaphragm from inflating fully and therefore restricts the volume of oxygen and energy available when you make calls. You will instantly recognize a change in your ability to build rapport over the phone.

Best of Luck!