How is Teleprospecting Similar to Science? - TeleNet

How is Teleprospecting Similar to Science?

At TeleNet we understand that companies have a variety of ways to get the word out to their market about why they are unique. There are many marketing platforms:

  • Email
  • Webcasts
  • Direct Mail
  • TV advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Print
  • Social media

And then there is teleprospecting. A phone call into a business and a back-and-forth conversation with a real person. With all the possible investments made in marketing few have as direct a feedback mechanism as telemarketing.

It’s one of the key items I’ve retained over the years from my science classes as a child.  I’m in marketing; let there be no doubt about it- but what is most fascinating about the world we live in at TeleNet- is that’s it’s a lot like science.

We experiment, we try things and we look at the feedback we get.

The data obtained from teleprospecting can help you target customers and prospects more accurately. You can show your market you are listening to them by addressing their needs and concerns through relevant messaging. You may find that you need to make tweaks to your active campaigns based on data collected from the marketplace. “On-the-fly” change is possible in teleprospecting. The impact you make on your customers and prospects by listening to their direct feedback is priceless.

There are not many marketing efforts that interact so intimately with the customer. The internet certainly can provide that- but it’s often not conscious. The feedback mechanism you get in a one-on-one conversation happens with intention; it’s a surgical move with a reaction and a result. A result that yields more than just data. It reveals opportunities.