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Building Your Lead Generation Teleprospecting Team – The Importance of Training

Previously, I discussed the importance of the lead generation team understanding their role in the sales pipeline. It is their job not to make the sale, but to uncover a need, generate interest, and pass that interest on to the sales team.

Once they have that focus, it comes down to how well they have been prepared to generate the interest. In essence, it all comes down to teaching and training. If the agent does not understand the solution or how to promote it, they will not be effective.

Below are several training techniques that I have found beneficial in teaching the information, and more importantly: making it relevant to the job at hand.

Start with the Basics
Begin by starting with the simplest form of the material. Creating a solid foundation of understanding that can be built upon is essential to training success. Establishing that first element of comprehension helps the details that come later to enhance their knowledge base rather than complicate and confuse the matter.

The Power of Metaphor
Metaphors are not always necessary, but if the trainee is having difficulty understanding a concept, relating it to something they already understand can be the most effective means of teaching.

If training in a reasonably sized group, remember to include checkpoints. It is best to verify that the trainees understand each foundation before barreling through the next 20 bullet points. If they do not understand the point you made 5 minutes ago, they are likely not listening to you now.

Make it Relevant
In sales/marketing/lead generation, you cannot simply explain a solution and expect them to be successful; you have to address why it will be relevant to the potential customer. What about that aspect of the solution will be appealing to the customer? What kinds of questions can they ask a prospect to uncover a need for the solution?

The importance of follow-through is not limited to the world of sports. It is key in any training program that there is a degree of follow-up sometime after the initial training. There should always be a secondary check-in to re-hash any elements of the solution or the sales approach that may have been confused. Many things that were seemingly understood in training can become garbled once applied. Even if the original information is understood, new questions surrounding details will almost always arise once the agent has had time to get their hands dirty. Having a follow-up training can tie up loose ends and greatly enhance the effectiveness of your team moving forward.

Overall, there are countless techniques in training an effective lead generation team. Using these techniques as a starting point, however, has resulted in many successful teleprospecting projects for our team.