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Telemarketing Keeps B2B Marketing Strategies Personal

In today fast-paced market place, sales strategies have evolved into campaigns that provide information quickly to as many people as possible. Marketers are experimenting in social media and other forms of viral marketing as a method of sharing more information on products or services to a much larger audience. Direct mail pieces, email blasts and online blitzing now channel prospects to an automated landing page. The missing component on this information super-highway: the person. Utilizing telemarketing in conjunction with creative marketing initiatives maintains the speed of information share, and integrates that all important personal touch.

With modern advancement in online shopping and automated phone services, it is not uncommon for a customer to complete the sales cycle without ever speaking to an actual person, even in the B2B world. While this approach to simplified sales has its benefits, does it deliver the level of customer attention that inspires loyal business? By integrating telemarketing efforts into the sales mix, transactions can be customized to fit the needs and expectations of each unique prospect, which is particularly important in B2B sales. Prospects are greeted warmly by a person who is interested in hearing about current environments and suggesting solutions that fit the unique needs of each account. This personal element enables the conversation to be flexible while still uncovering vital information about the contact individual needs which might otherwise be missed. Most importantly, the personal element to the transaction serves as an extension of brand awareness and customer satisfaction that will aid in winning and keeping loyal business.

While planning your organization marketing mix, consider methods of integrating telemarketing into sales promotion. Include a follow up conversation to contacts who expressed interest in Twitter posts or blog entries. Weigh the benefits of replacing an automated customer service hotline with providing an actual person to be available to meet the unique needs of every situation. While these simple gestures may seem old fashioned, keeping your marketing strategies personal may be the reason some customers continue to come back time and time again.