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Top 3 Ways to Convey Value in a B2B Telemarketing Campaign

When developing a call guide for a telemarketing lead generation campaign, it is important to create value propositions, which can be used throughout your conversations. There are 3 ways that you achieve this:

  • Create a Solid Introduction: A well crafted introduction may make the difference between prospects listening to what the calling agent has to say versus simply hanging up on them. When creating the introduction, you should consider the value that your company has to offer. Or, when targeting a specific audience or industry, the introductory statement should appeal to that focused group. An introduction should be brief and to the point in order to send a hidden message to the prospect that you are interested in helping them rather than trying to sell them something.
  • Illustrate Benefits: Second, it is extremely important for agents to understand, in what ways, the product or service will benefit the prospects rather than just conveying the basic features of that product or service. Each prospect will have different business strategies, and in order to uncover what is important to them, an agent must find ways to get the contact talking by working in open ended questions to the conversation. After identifying the driving needs of the company, an agent can then take an advisory role to help the prospect understand the specific need that the solution can address. This method will also deliver a message to the prospect that you are eager to help them solve a business need rather than to fill your pockets.
  • Address Objections: A final way to convey value throughout the entire conversation is to address objections with value statements. This is a great opportunity to interject with additional points that will make the prospect truly see the value of what you are offering to them. As long as the calling agents are equipped with statements and specific information that can contest those main objections, your telemarketing campaign will be a success. Make sure the agents can use the value propositions to excite interest in the prospects, causing them to forget their initial objection and be more inclined to continue listening – and talking. Maintaining a positive attitude rather than a defensive attitude can ensure that you’ve done everything possible to engage the prospect and generate interest.