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Increasing Sales Engagement on Your Teleprospecting Leads

You’ve likely seen the industry statistics, which report the massive percentage of B2B tele-qualified leads that are not followed up on by Sales organizations – and then go on to purchase from a competitor. As we poll our own marketing clients, over 60% state that their top worry regarding their lead generation programs is that some portion of the leads that they invest time and money to uncover and qualify will end up in a black hole. For many marketers, that worry really never goes away; it that worry that drives us to continually refine our processes, expand upon our communication, enhance our systems, and ultimately obtain the best possible ROI. Even the thought of letting one qualified lead slip through the cracks, makes our stomachs turn.

So what can you do to increase sales engagement on your leads?

Get in front of your sales team on a regular basis in order to give your leads proper visibility. Arrange a quarterly