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Customize Your Messaging and Timing for Lead Generation Telemarketing

The most successful telemarketing calls are those that are customized and tailored to your target contacts. As you develop your telemarketing plan for 2011, look at ways in which you can easily tailor your approach by developing value-propositions and positioning specific to each industry, type of organization or functional title. By tailoring specific areas of approach, your prospects will feel as though you are calling them because you have something relevant to speak with them about, not because they’re a name on a telemarketing list. The more effective you are at illustrating relevancy to each prospect situation/job, the more apt they will be to engage in a meaningful conversation with you.

Additionally, it is a good idea to align your telemarketing efforts based on the buying trends within the industries that you target. For instance, if you offer a solution that is appropriate for multiple industries, instead of targeting your prospects in random order, you can segment your database in order to target individual industries based on their peak planning periods (i.e. fall for Financial Services, spring/summer for Government, etc).