A Fresh Perspective - TeleNet Marketing

A Fresh Perspective

Going into the New Year always makes me reflect on the past and on what to come. I try to start each year with a fresh perspective and a critical review. I see that same attitude all around me here at TeleNet. A great example can be seen in a recent press release about the re-vamped roles of our co-founders, Gregg Garrett & Jay Burgdorf. They have streamlined their responsibilities based on changing and growing business needs. Other examples include bringing on new employees with unique experience and the creation of new roles to fill the expanding and evolving needs of our clients and our business.

As I contemplate these evolutions in our structure and personnel, it mirrors how we view and manage our telemarketing efforts. We are constantly reviewing the results and how our messages are perceived by the market place. We quickly make changes to improve when needed. Furthermore, we implement new techniques in order to get our clients’ messages out. These techniques include things like a change to our Critical Business Issue voicemails to update the most relevant pain points, as well as use of email or ways to engage and use gatekeepers to most effectively reach key decision makers. We are also always looking for opportunities to integrate with relevant technology and marketing media.

Over the ten years I’ve worked for TeleNet, I’ve seen the company grow and evolve, and I know that we will continue to do so in order to stay relevant in the market place and to provide the absolute best service to our current and future clients.