TeleNet Marketing Celebrates Sixth Straight Year of Growth

TeleNet Marketing Celebrates Sixth Straight Year of Growth

BOGART, Ga. December 13, 2010 ‘ TeleNet Marketing is proof that even in a recession, large companies are increasing their marketing investments when offered a tangible return on investment.

Based outside Atlanta, TeleNet employs 223 full-time workers focused on lead generation and lead nurturing for companies in the high-tech sector. On December 31 TeleNet will complete its sixth consecutive year of growth, with revenue increasing by more than 18 percent.

The business-to-business telemarketing company’s 2010 milestones included:

  • Eight new clients, six of which are large technology companies with revenue of more than $1 billion. These clients include market leaders in the technology space.
  • The addition of a second high-tech 5,000 square-foot call center off Jennings Mill Road to serve new customer demand.
  • Hired several key positions, including two Program Directors and three Information Technology specialists.

“Despite the challenges in the overall economy, 2010 has been an outstanding year for TeleNet,” said company President Gregg Garrett. “I’m particularly proud that our new call center ‘ which increased our service capacity by 25 percent ‘ was completed without affecting our existing business.”

“Utilizing a direct wireless connection at the call center saved us significant implementation time and money, which benefits our clients and our bottom-line.”

According to Kathy Rizzo, vice president, sales and marketing, a number of factors have set TeleNet apart from other lead generation and telemarketing companies.

“During the past two years of economic instability, we’ve seen a steady increase in the volume of outsourced telemarketing from companies,” said Rizzo. “These companies closely align their telemarketing activities with driving revenue, and appreciate the fact that our approach to lead generation and lead nurturing drives qualified leads and appointments to their sales organization.”

According to Rizzo, TeleNet clients expect increased communication, tracking and documentation during difficult times.

“We work with our clients to close the loop on our leads, determine results, and tie return on investment to each activity,” said Rizzo. “We find it important to work very closely with our clients’ marketing and sales teams. It requires a tremendous amount of communication to ensure that the leads that we generate meet the evolving needs of our client’s sales teams.”

Rizzo added that the company’s continued focus on comprehensive lead nurturing — using “human touch” telemarketing, one-to-one email communication and relevant content — has positively affected the company’s growth.

According to Garrett, the company expects more growth next year.

“We won’t take anything for granted, but we are blessed to have outstanding clients and an unmatched team working on their behalf,” said Garrett. “As long as we keep focusing on our mission ‘ giving our clients valuable information they can trust ‘ we expect our success to continue in 2011.”