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The Five Most Read Lead Generation Tips & Best Practices

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’d like to take a moment to thank our readers for subscribing to our telemarketing best practice blog. Our subscription base has more than doubled over the last two months! We are thrilled that you take a few minutes out of each week to read our tips and suggestions and hope you’ve found the information helpful. Since we have so many new subscribers, I thought it would be beneficial to point you to our 5 most read entries since we launched our blog in early 2008.

  1. How Lead Nurturing Affects Your Lead Metrics & ROI (posted 2/12/08)
  2. Bridging the Gap between Marketing & Sales to Ensure Telemarketing Lead Generation Success (posted 3/5/08)
  3. Tips for Hands-On Sales Lead Management (posted 2/25/08)
  4. How to Develop a Telemarketing Critical Business Issue (CBI) Voice Mail Strategy (posted 5/7/08)
  5. The Human Touch of Lead Nurturing (posted 6/17/08)

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