Telemarketing Lead Generation: Beyond Statistical Measurability

Telemarketing Lead Generation: Beyond Statistical Measurability

In today climate of marketing accountability, the measurability of telemarketing makes it an attractive component for any lead generation program. Marketers are effectively using front-end (i.e. cost per lead, cost per appointment, cost per attendee) and back-end (i.e. cost per opportunity, cost per sale, ROI) statistics to measure, evaluate and compare programs. While the level of marketing analytics in place varies from firm to firm, marketers are looking at real numbers when it comes to telemarketing.

That said, there are a number of benefits that can be generated from telemarketing programs that do not show up in the performance statistics. I think Michelle Palmer, President of Leading Edge, articulates these benefits effectively in her MarketingProfs article, Four Overlooked Benefits of Telemarketing

Her article outlines the following telemarketing benefits that can help you generate more value from your lead generation programs:

  1. Get in on the ground floor with a new customer
  2. Generate key customer and marketplace data
  3. Build brand awareness
  4. Test your materials and your message

Make sure you are leveraging every aspect of your telemarketing programs to maximize the value of your investment. Even though it won’t show up in the metrics, be sure to communicate it.