The Great Debate: Telemarketing Lead Generation Quality vs. Quantity

The Great Debate: Telemarketing Lead Generation Quality vs. Quantity

When presented with the question of whether you want high quality leads or a high quantity of leads, how would you respond? While there are strong arguments for both sides, if you are like many marketers and sales managers, you probably really and truly want to have both. So, is this possible?

Yes. However, to obtain both you have to first focus your attention on lead quality. This is supported by data from our Best-in-Class analysis (How Do you Compare?), which showed a clear difference between our best-in-class marketers and the rest of the group in terms of where they needed to improve:

  • Only 9.1% of best-in-class marketers said the quality of their telemarketing campaigns needed improvement
  • 51.4% of other marketers said their telemarketing quality needed improvement

This discrepancy leads me to suspect that a lack of quality in the data or leads being generated by telemarketing campaigns is a big reason why many marketers surveyed were unsatisfied with their overall marketing approach — keeping them out of the best-in-class group.

Focusing first on improving the quality of your lists, messaging and the leads you generate can help you solidify your overall telemarketing strategy. From that position of strength, you can then move on to expand your program to increase your quantity of output.

So,how do you put Quality first?

When you launch a new telemarketing lead generation initiative, our advice is to engage in a reasonable pilot program – we typically recommend 3 to 6 months in duration with 1 to 3 dedicated agents. During this